Blutorange, or The Best Thing to Eat

Blood Orange GranitaI have been staking out my local greengrocer all winter long, and it is only now, halfway through spring, that I am finally rewarded. In fairness, this is Edinburgh, and today’s weather was particularly wintry, so perhaps the globalised food provision and transport industry was fooled. Regardless – I am, as I say, rewarded.

It was last winter that I passed said greengrocer and saw a box of blood oranges for cheap. This place is a fruit and veg wholesaler: pallets of their produce come and go without ever gracing the stock shelves. But some stuff is reserved, and whatever is soon to go or looking a bit bruisy goes out front for ridiculous-good prices. It’s the place to which I pointed a visiting student friend who wanted to make a mass veg curry for her temporary flatmates and various musicians she had met on the Meadows. Sometimes it means you spend your evening dicing mushrooms; cooking them with butter, cream, and sherry; and then scooping them into little bags for the freezer because if you don’t they will seriously be a mass of green fur tomorrow. But if you don’t make it, well, it cost you 50 pence, so what, truly, is lost?

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