The Sensual Pleasures of Lego

Lego creationsLego’s been on my mind. Not that I’ve gone to see the movie, nor have I any desire to. But the attendant buzz has led to other cultural comment, which I’m always happy to absorb (as a journalist, sociologically minded person, and grad student looking for ways to avoid writing my thesis).

What I’ve seen and what has interested me about Lego revolves around two issues: gender and creativity. Both of these lapse into a nostalgic pattern, so that the way it was is better than the way it is, and that this wonderful thing has been broken by an increasingly shallow and/or destructive society. I kind of don’t disagree with that in principle, but it’s sometimes a little too easy to give in to such whinging, and I’m glad I have young kids in the house to give me a kick in the angst from time to time. Continue reading