“I was to be redeemed by the gift of arranging words
But must be prepared for an earth without grammar,

For the thistle, the nettle, the burdock, the belladonna,
And a small wind above them, a sleepy cloud, silence.”

-Czeslaw Milosz, “The Thistle, the Nettle”

Michael Munnik is a Canadian pilgrim living in Cardiff, Wales. He teaches and researches sociology and anthropology of religion and the media, with an acute focus on Muslims in Scotland. It was handy, then, to have lived in Edinburgh for four years whilst studying prior to the Welsh move, and prior to that, he studied in London. Counting on fingers, there are still a couple of UK capitals left to tick off, but the more salient capital to note is Ottawa, Canada, where he lived and worked, doing public radio with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He is also a musician and songwriter, and you can learn more about his music here.

This blog is a home for infrequent ramblings of a non-academic but public nature.