A Difficult Love Story – The Messy Table

Hawk trainer at the Scottish Deer CentreI was going to write about this–an event from the last day of our tattie-howking holidays in Fife. But my wife had the same idea, and her gig pays. So check out her post: more reflective, less reportage than I would have done.

The ranger ran towards the field, but it is was too dangerous for her to enter, so she climbed clambered up the rails of the gate, threw her arms in the air and called out to her hawk with a desperate, beckoning shout. She was calling him home, calling him to leave off the distraction of his rabbit luncheon and return safely to her side.

-Katie Munnik

(For the record, I would have called the post “Hawk Versus Deer (Versus Rabbit) in the Rutting Season Showdown: Who Will Win Nature’s Ultimate Bloodbath?”, so perhaps it was better that she got to it, anyway.)

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